Tochka Ru: Russian Course A1. Textbook + Workbook+ audio resources

Tochka Ru: Russian Course A1. Textbook + Workbook+ audio resources

Dolmatova, Olia
Novacac, Ekaterina

Fecha de edición julio 2019 · Edición nº 1

Idioma ruso

EAN 9785990898301
294 páginas
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Resumen del libro

This course is addressed to young people and adults and covers 120-150 academic hours. The perfect balance of grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills of modern Russian language is the key feature of this course. The combination of traditional and modern teaching methods helps students to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently: to hold a conversation on such topics as Family and Home, Work and Free time, Food and Drink, Plans and Travel, Holidays and Fashion, and others.
Teachers book to the Russian course "Tochka Ru" A1 (in the PDF format) contains general recommendations for working with the textbook, lesson descriptions, a lot of additional grammar and vocabulary tasks, games, texts for reading with tasks, exercises with pictures and achievement tests.
Teachers book and Audio resources at book web pages.

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