There Your Heart Lies

There Your Heart Lies

Gordon, Mary

Editorial Random House USA
Fecha de edición mayo 2017 · Edición nº 1

Idioma inglés

EAN 9780307907943

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P.V.P.  25,00 €

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Resumen del libro

From the award-winning novelist Mary Gordon, here is a book whose twentieth-century wisdom can help us understand the difficulties we face in the twenty-first: There Your Heart Lies is a deeply moving novel about an American womans experiences during the Spanish Civil War, the lessons she learned, and how her story will shape her granddaughters path. Marian cut herself off from her wealthy, conservative Irish Catholic family when she volunteered during the Spanish Civil War'an experience she has always kept to herself. Now in her nineties, she shares her Rhode Island cottage with her granddaughter Amelia, a young woman of good heart but only a vague notion of lifes purpose. Their daily existence is intertwined with Marians secret past: the blow to her youthful idealism when she witnessed the brutalities on both sides of Francos war and the romance that left her trapped in Spain in perilous circumstances for nearly a decade. When Marian is diagnosed with cancer, she finally speaks about what happened to her during those years'personal and ethical challenges nearly unthinkable to Amelias millennial generation, as well as the unexpected gifts of true love and true friendship.
Marians story compels Amelia to make her own journey to Spain, to reconcile her grandmothers past with her own uncertain future. With their exquisite female bond at its core, this novel, which explores how character is forged in a particular moment in history and passed down through the generations, is especially relevant in our own time. Its call to arms'a call to speak honestly about evil when it is before us, and equally about goodness'will linger long with its readers.

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