The Georges and the Jewels : Book One of the Horses of Oak Valley Ranch

The Georges and the Jewels : Book One of the Horses of Oak Valley Ranch

Smiley, Jane

Editorial Random House
Fecha de edición agosto 2020 · Edición nº 1

Idioma inglés

EAN 9780375862281
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Resumen del libro

Pulitzer Prize winner makes her debut for young readers.

Abby Lovitt has been riding horses for as long as she can remember, but Daddy hasn't let her name a single one. He calls all their geldings George and their mares Jewel and warns her not to get attached. The horses are there on the ranch to be sold, plain and simple.

But with all the stress at school (the Big FourLinda, Mary A., Mary N., Joanhave turned against her) and home (nothing feels right with her brother, Danny, gone), Abby can't help but seek comfort in the Georges and the Jewels, who greet her every day with soft nickers.

Except for one: the horse who won't meet her gaze, the horse who bucks her off, the horse Daddy insists she ride and train. Abby knows not to cross her father, but she knows, too, that she can't get back on Ornery George. And suddenly the horses seem like no refuge at all.

From Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley comes an emotionally charged and action-filled novel for young readers, set in the vibrant landscape of 1960s California horse country.

Biografía del autor

(Los Ángeles, 1949) es autora de una veintena de obras de ficción y ensayo. Recibió el Premio Pulitzer de narrativa y el National Book Critics Circle Award por su novela Heredarás la tierra (1991). Entre otras obras, ha publicado The Greenlanders (1988), La edad del desconsuelo (1987; Sexto Piso, 2019) y, en los últimos años, la trilogía formada por Some Luck (2014), Early Warning (2015) y Golden Age (2015).

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