The Best American Travel Writing 2016

The Best American Travel Writing 2016

Bryson (ed), Bill

Editorial Mariner Books
Fecha de edición octubre 2016 · Edición nº 1

Idioma inglés

EAN 9780544812093
320 páginas
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Resumen del libro

Bryson, who also edited the first iteration of the Best American Travel Writing series in 2000, in his introduction muses with characteristic charm on why he loves to travel: for the sense of being in a place where mundane things . . . become fascinating, alarming, delightful, amusing, or otherwise notable, and each of these two-dozen essays gives readers that very sense. Thomas Chatterton Williams, living in Paris, seeks a contemporary version of Richard Wright and James Baldwin's communities of ex-pat African American artists. Patricia Marx heads, face first, into the bewildering prevalence and practice of plastic surgery in South Korea, and Mitch Moxley is one of eight international guests permitted to attend a film festival in Pyongyang, North Korea. In a kind of reverse travel, Helen MacDonald literally hides, in the tiny, camouflaged buildings where wildlife observers can disappear utterly. Clothing is key in both Dave Eggers' day trip to Hollister, California and Michael Chabon's family vacation in Morocco. And, poignantly, Pico Iyer's dazzling essay on the blessings of foreignness melds travel with the everyday.(Reprinted with permission of Booklist, copyright 2016, American Library Association.)

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