Path of Revenge

Path of Revenge

Kirkpatrick, Russell

Editorial Orbit
Fecha de edición agosto 2008

Idioma inglés

EAN 9781841496726
Libro encuadernado en tapa blanda

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P.V.P.  11,99 €

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Resumen del libro

How to kill an immortal? Husk's task will be arduous yet pain, blood and war will sweeten the undertaking ...Husk is the remnant of a once-powerful magician, defeated decades ago by the Undying Man, Lord of Bhrudwo. He lies, his body in ruins, in the dungeon of Andratan, gnawing on dreams of a cold and bloody revenge. Husk needs three things to realise his goal, and his carefully selected pawns will bring these to him.

A Queen, a fisherman and a cosmographer will travel across continents, endure wars and even survive communion with the gods whilst doing his bidding. But Husk's victims are more resourceful that they first appear - and even Husk cannot know everything. An unseen power is tearing through the world, and the repercussions will damage the best-laid of plans.

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