Pack Your Bag Level A1

Pack Your Bag Level A1


Editorial Eli (European Language Institute)
Lugar de edición Milano, Argentina
Fecha de edición febrero 2020 · Edición nº 1

Idioma inglés

EAN 9788853619266

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P.V.P.  30,40 €

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Resumen del libro

Game character: Bingo Difficulty level: A1-A2 Variant of the game in the bingo game convention: Each participant receives one or several boards with pictures of different garments and accessories. Then, the leading person randomly draws the cards and depending on the difficulty of the game, he shows pictures or reads out words to other participants of the game, whose task is to find appropriate equivalents on their own boards. The player who first matches all names or illustrations from his board / boards to the presented pictures or the names to be read, wins. Depending on the level of knowledge of the vocabulary and language skills of players, the following variants of matching cards to the boards are possible:name - namephoto - photoname - photophoto - nameA game of packing suitcases: Each participant receives one board with a list of things to pack and several cards with photos of different garments and accessories. The players task is to complete the cards with all clothes and items on his list. For this purpose, the first player asks his neighbor a question about the chosen thing he needs (for example: I need pajamas. Have you got the pajamas?). If the questioned participant in the game is in possession of a card with this clothing / item, he answers yes Yes, I have. and passes the card to the asking person, but if there is no such card, he answers: No, I have not. Then the questioned person asks another player to ask about one of the things on his list. You can ask for many things many times and many people, however, once received, the card must be transferred to another player who will ask for it. The player who first collects all clothes and accessories on his list wins. Language goals: learning the basic names of clothing items, objects, cosmetics and travel accessories in English (66 words). Age range: children from 7 years, youth, adults. Applicability: The game is applicable both during classes at home and at home ( fun with friends and family, or private English lessons). Additional benefits: Game Pack your bag improves mental skills such as memory, concentration and perceptiveness, promotes effective memorization and teaches activity and healthy competition, and its ludic character helps in establishing social relations with other participants of the game and has a positive effect on reducing the distance between the student and learners. Set contains:36 boards with on one side examples of lists of things to pack and illustrations of various clothes, objects and accessories,66 cards with illustrations of clothes, objects and accessories and their names,instruction in English.

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