Negative Blue

Negative Blue

Wright, Charles

Editorial Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Fecha de edición junio 2009

Idioma inglés

EAN 9780374527730

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Resumen del libro

The culmination of the cycle that won Wright the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Critics Circle Award
"Time will append us like suit coats left out overnight"
"On a deck chair, loose change dead weight in the right pocket, "
"Silk handkerchief limp with dew, "
" sleeves in a slow dance with the wind."
"And love will kill us--"
"Love, and the winds from under the earth"
" that grind us to grain-out."
--from "Still Life with Spring and Time to Burn"
When Charles Wright published "Appalachia "in 1998, it marked the completion of a nine-volume project, of which James Longenbach wrote in the "Boston Review," "Charles Wright's trilogy of trilogies--call it 'The Appalachian Book of the Dead'--is sure to be counted among the great long poems of the century."
The first two of those trilogies were collected in "Country Music" (1982) and "The World of the Ten Thousand Things" (1990). Here Wright adds to his third trilogy ("Chickamauga " 1995 , "Black Zodiac" 1997 , and "Appalachia " 1998 ) a section of new poems that suggest new directions in the work of this sensuous, spirit-haunted poet.

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