Little Lord Fauntleroy + Cd

Little Lord Fauntleroy + Cd

Burnett, Frances Hodgson

Editorial Eli (European Language Institute)
Lugar de edición Milano, Argentina
Fecha de edición febrero 2020 · Edición nº 1

Idioma inglés

EAN 9788853621009
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Resumen del libro

Little Lord Fauntleroy + CD audio - reading to learn English for teenagers with audio recording and educational supplement in Polish. Series of Teen ELI Readers: Teen ELI Readers is a three-level book series that proposes original and interesting reading stories for children and youth learning English at the following levels: -Stage 1 Elementary (600 headwords) A1 Movers-Stage 2 Pre-Intermediate (800 headwords) A2 Flyers / KET-Stage 3 Intermediate (1000 headwords) B1 PET Little Lord Fauntleroy book + CD audio:Level 2: A2 Contents:A boy named Cedric lives with his mother in New York. After their fathers death, they live poorly enough, but they are happy. One day, an English lawyer visits them and brings news from a wealthy English grandfather - Count Dorincourt. Will Cedryk be happy in England and will he earn the love of his embittered grandfather? Syllabus ::Verb tenses Past Simple vs Past Continuous; Present Perfect Simplewith ever, never, just, already, for and sinceVerb forms and patterns Negativequestion forms; Negative imperatives;Short questions; Passive forms:present simple and simple simple; Verbs plus gerund, base form or infinitive Structure:The presented story is divided into chapters and preceded by an illustrated presentation of the characters of the story and a two-page section Before You Read Activities containing exercises introducing the reader into the text of the book in terms of vocabulary and grammar. Glossaries with translations of selected words located at the bottom of each page help to better understand the text. After each chapter there is a two-page After-Reading Activities section summarizing the chapter in terms of the content of the presented history, as well as grammar, vocabulary and known language forms, as well as supporting the development of reading comprehension and effective memorization. In the final part of the book there is a four-page Focus on section presenting interesting information related to civilization and English-speaking culture.The book is closed with the one-page Test yourself section, which checks the general level of understanding and remembering the history read, as well as the language forms learned, as well as the Syllabus section containing a brief description of the didactic intentions implemented in the book.

Biografía del autor

FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT (Manchester, 1849-Nueva York, 1924), escritora americana de origen inglés, publicó numerosos cuentos y relatos en revistas como Scribner;s Monthly o Harper;s Bazaar. En 1886 apareció su primer libro juvenil, El pequeño Lord, que en su época vendió más de un millón de ejemplares. Sin embargo, su obra más conocida es El jardín secreto (1911).

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