Dawn : Lilith's Brood 1

Dawn : Lilith's Brood 1

Butler, Octavia E.

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Fecha de edición enero 2022 · Edición nº 1

Idioma inglés

EAN 9781472281067
320 páginas
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Resumen del libro

'One of the most significant literary artists of the twentieth century' JUNOT DIAZ'Octavia Butler was playing out our very real possibilities as humans. I think she can help each of us to do the same' GLORIA STEINEMOne woman is called upon to reconstruct humanity in this hopeful, thought-provoking novel by the bestselling, award-winning author. For readers of Margaret Atwood, Toni Morrison and Ursula K.

Le Guin. When Lilith lyapo wakes in a small white room with no doors or windows, she remembers a devastating war, and a husband and child long lost to her. She finds herself living among the Oankali, a strange race who intervened in the fate of humanity hundreds of years before.

They spared those they could from the ruined Earth, and suspended them in a long, deep sleep. Over centuries, the Oankali learned from the past, cured disease and healed the world. Now they want Lilith to lead her people back home.

But salvation comes at a price - to restore humanity, it must be changed forever... PRAISE FOR OCTAVIA E. BUTLER, THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR'In the ongoing contest over which dystopian classic is most applicable to our time...

for sheer peculiar prescience, Butler's novel may be unmatched' NEW YORKER'Butler's prose, always pared back to the bone, delineates the painful paradoxes of metamorphosis with compelling precision' GUARDIAN'Octavia Butler was a visionary' VIOLA DAVIS'Her evocative, often troubling, novels explore far-reaching issues of race, sex, power and, ultimately,what it means to be human' NEW YORK TIMES'An icon of the Afrofuturism world, envisioning literary realms that placed black characters front and center' VANITY FAIR'Butler writes with such a familiarity that the alien is welcome and intriguing. She really artfully exposes our human impulse to self-destruct' LUPITA NYONG'O

Biografía del autor

Octavia Estelle Butler, a menudo conocida como la "gran dama de la ciencia ficción", nació en Pasadena, California, el 22 de junio de 1947. Licenciada en Artes en 1947, con la publicación de x{0026} x0201C;Parentescox{0026} x0201D; en 1979, Butler logró ser escritora a tiempo completo. Ganó el Premio Hugo en 1984 por su cuento "Speech Sounds" y en 1985 su novela "Hijo de sangre" ganó un Premio Hugo, un Premio Nebula, el Premio Locus y un premio a la mejor novela de Science Fiction Chronicle. En 1995, se convirtió en la primera escritora de ciencia ficción en recibir la Beca "Genius" de la Fundación MacArthur.

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