Beautiful as Yesterday

Beautiful as Yesterday

Fan, Wu

Editorial Picador
Fecha de edición marzo 2010

Idioma inglés

EAN 9780330513548
Libro encuadernado en tapa blanda

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P.V.P.  10,49 €

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Resumen del libro

Mary and Ingrid are sisters, born and brought up in China, now living in the US. Mary is the older of the two; seemingly a devoted wife, mother, churchgoer, and with a well-paid job. But she is tormented by adultery, her grudge toward her parents, and her despair at work. Her estranged sister Ingrid, meanwhile, has never settled to anything, and is haunted by her college boyfriends tragic death. When their widowed mother travels to the US for the first time, they cant avoid a family get-together. Amid all it stirs up, it becomes clear that the uneasy relationship between the sisters has its roots deeper than either has ever acknowledged - and extends to their parents and their homeland.

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