Basic English For Dummies, UK Edition

Basic English For Dummies, UK Edition

Woods, Geraldine

Editorial For Dummies
Fecha de edición octubre 2015 · Edición nº 1

Idioma inglés

EAN 9781119071150
376 páginas
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Resumen del libro

English is a hard language to get right. It's all too easy to make simple mistakes, whether writing or speaking'which can land you in embarrassing social situations or even cost you a job. Luckily, Basic English Grammar For Dummies UK Edition is here to help you get to grips with English. Without the complexity of formal grammar and through plenty of examples and brief exercises, it gets you up and running on common spelling errors, how to structure sentences to make yourself easily understood, and find the right tone and style for any situation, whether you're talking on the phone or writing a letter, email, or text.

Is it good or well? There, their or they're? Some people don't have to think twice about using proper English grammar, but for the rest of us it can become tricky and confusing. Easy to understand and free of jargon, this friendly and accessible guide sticks to the basics and makes it easy to build your English grammar skills. In no time, you'll leave the 'me or I?' debate at the door and speak and write confidently and correctly.

Includes quizzes and self-tests
Provides guidance on composing letters, emails, and texts
Uses easy vocabulary to make the content accessible to all
Serves as a great guidebook to English grammar for overseas learners
If English is your second language or you simply missed or have forgotten the nuances that were taught in school, Basic English Grammar For Dummies UK Edition is the fast and easy way to brush up on your skills and make a good impression.

Biografía del autor

Geraldine Woods, autora de más de 40 libros de inglés, profesora desde hace más de treinta años.

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