Anton Mallick wants to be Happy

Anton Mallick wants to be Happy

Casariego, Nicolás

Editorial Hispabooks
Lugar de edición Madrid, España
Fecha de edición julio 2014 · Edición nº 1

Idioma inglés

EAN 9788494174483

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P.V.P.  17,00 €

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Resumen del libro

'Enough is enough. I dont want to be a pessimist, or a victim, any more. I reject the status of black hole. This notebook, which I address and dedicate to Vidor Mallick, inveterate gambler and amateur loan shark, is proof of my will to optimism, that is, my great desire to become a man of a sunny disposition, happy, normal, one of these guys who spring out of bed every morning and have answers for pretty much every single one of lifes many questions.'

After an unexpected incident triggers his first anguish attack in months, Antón is dead set on putting an end once and for all to his woeful days. Masterly woven into novel form by Nicolás Casariego, his journal'a miscellanea of narrative, reflection, and witty comments on famous self-help books and the works of great philosophers and renowned authors'will bear witness to his quest for happiness. An action-packed book with a refreshing tone, a sharp outlook, and, above all, plenty of humor.

'A sparkling novel that should be read if youre looking for something to boost your spirits or even make you roar with laughter.' 'Babelia

'A clever novel, full of humor. A tragicomic mixture, incredibly modern in its narrative structure, that effectively parodies the triviality of our world today through an investigation of an impossible happiness.' 'ABC

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