Outcomes Pre-Intermediate Workbook with Key x{0026} Audio CD

Outcomes Pre-Intermediate Workbook with Key x{0026} Audio CD

Dellar, Hugh

Editorial Heinle Cengage Learning
Fecha de edición octubre 2010

Idioma inglés

EAN 9781111054113

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P.V.P.  20,60 €

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Resumen del libro

Outcomes is a completely new general English course in which natural, real world grammar and vocabulary help students to succeed in social, professional and academic settings. CEF goals are the focus of communication activities where students learn and practice the language they need to have conversations in English. Clear outcomes in every lesson of every unit provide students with a sense of achievement as they progress through the course.

The Outcomes student book includes: a grammar reference section with activities for all grammar points covered; eight two-page writing lessons which cover social, academic and professional writing needs; and, four four-page reviews to revise language and skills and explore learner training.

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