Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes

Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes

Jerrold, Walter

Editorial Everyman's Children's Classics
Fecha de edición noviembre 2011

Idioma inglés
Ilustrador Robinson, Charles

EAN 9780679428152

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P.V.P.  13,60 €

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Resumen del libro

'Doctor Foster went to Gloster, In a shower of rain; He stepped in a puddle right up to his middle, And never went there again.' A bumper crop of nursery rhymes for the delight of the very young. In his Introduction, Jerrold explains how his selection was based on earlier collections made by John Newbery, Joseph Ritson and James Orchard Halliwell. He goes on to add, ' Students divide our rhymes into narrative pieces, historical folk-lore, game rhymes, counting-out rhymes, jingles, fragments, etcetera, but for the children for whom and by whom they are remembered, and for whom they are here collected and pictured anew, they are just ' Nursery Rhymes.'

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