Ghost Stories (OBL 5) Audio CD

Ghost Stories (OBL 5) Audio CD

Border, Rosemary

Editorial Oxford University Press (España)
Colección Bookworms, Número 0
Fecha de edición diciembre 2007

Idioma inglés

EAN 9780194793384
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P.V.P.  10,10 €

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Resumen del libro

After dinner we turned the lights out and played 'hide-and-seek'. In the dark, I touched a hand, a very cold hand. Now, because of the game, I had to hide in the dark with ...with this cold person - not speaking, not knowing who it was.
Slowly the others found us, hid with us, until we were all there - all thirteen. Thirteen? But there were only twelve people in the house! We touched each other in the dark, counting. Thirteen.
Quickly, nervously, I lit a match to see ...

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